Math Phobia?

  • Does math drive you nuts?
  • Does it take you what seems like hours to complete your calculations?
  • ME TOO!

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I know that a lot of people who listen to my shows online think I’m some kind of genius paramedic or nurse to do what I do. No, I work hard to produce the materials, research the facts, and when it comes to math, fall back on tried and true techniques to make it easier for me.

Still think you can’t do it?

I think you can and I’ll tell you why . . .

If you can learn and master the steps of a basic assessment, then I am confident that you can learn the methodical steps to become a confident medical mathematician!

The problem with most students whom I’ve met is when they look at math, their eyes cross.

Serious Med Math Anxiety

When these people sit down and look at medication math problems in their tests and qualifying exams, it’s as if everything starts to swim around and before they know it, the drug dose calculations just become a big jumble of numbers and signs.

If only they had a step by step plan, a way of doing things that would allow them to be successful and safe when calculating patient doses and other medical math like metric conversions.

Enter Med Math Simplified!

I created the medication math simplified program because I work with busy students in the medical professions (nursing students, paramedic candidates, respiratory therapists, etc.).

I teach them a simple step by step process that anyone who’s able to learn medical procedures and patient assessments can take and make medication math easy!

Are you still saying:

“I can’t do math.” or “It doesn’t work for me”

I think what you are really saying is –

“No one has showed me a better way to handle medication math calculations!”

View 1 sample of the 9 videos from the series here on YouTube.

Are you going to let a few numbers make you fail?

Don’t let fear keep you from success in nursing school, paramedic classes, or any other medical profession. Your patients are waiting so take control and get the solutions you need.

Here is what the Med Math Simplified DVD or online video series offers you:

  • Over one hour of video instruction!
  • Student handouts with slide images for study and note-taking
  •  eBook with the full program outlined and laid out for you
  • A printable action plan for study and review
  • Measurement conversions (metric, non-standard, apothecary)
  • More than 50 examples and practice questions
  • Slide shows
  • Powerpoint file for the course
  • Additional resource links
  • Portable device video formats (online course only)

This program contains a road map to Med Math success for you.

No one goes on a trip to a destination by just randomly driving around. They print out maps and directions, right?

You Plan Your VacationPlan for Med Math Success!

Grab on to your plan for med math success right now.


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